July 14th, 2016


Things to do in downtown LA?

I'm going to be in downtown Los Angeles for one day in October. I plan to visit the National Japanese-American Museum and poke around in Little Tokyo (my hotel is right near there). I was also thinking about heading over toward Olvera Street. I checked the Music Center, and there isn't anything I'm interested in seeing on the day I'm there. I won't have wheels, and am looking for things in walking distance.

Any other must-sees in downtown LA?

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7 weeks ago I got my ears pierced at a 6 gauge size. as of right now, the piercings are still secreting a little lymph and I feel like they're really itchy. they don't look red or anything. is this normal? these are the only piercings I've ever had (aside from getting my ears pierced with a shitty gun when I was 5 years old).