July 11th, 2016



If Westeros had unicorns, which of these do you think would be true?

It would be a happier place
The unicorns would be slaughtered and eaten
Wtf is Westeros?

Can you name any fantasy novels/series with unicorns in them? I can only come up with three. (Harry Potter, The Orphan's Tales, and The Last Unicorn.)

European travels

I know there's a decent handful of people around these parts who enjoy traveling. I decided I'm taking a trip in November. We are going to fly out of NYC, likely into London, as it's pretty cheap to get there from the US. We intend to fly from London to our primary destination for about 6 days or so, and then back to London to catch our roundtrip flight back home. I would really like to stay in a coastal city, despite the weather. We intend to rock climb, but it won't be our primary focus, and there's rock climbing everywhere along the coasts anyways, so most likely we will be able to find something to climb regardless of where we go.

Any suggestions? Places you've been along the coasts of Europe that I just absolutely have to see before I die? I'm in to the whole experiencing the culture, people watching, cheap thrills thing. Not much into tourist-traps. I won't be hopping on the London Eye or anything :)