July 8th, 2016

BLM and what do you think of cops in the U.S.?

This question is really directed at the non-U.S. citizens on this comm...what do you think of the Black Lives Matter and very recent (last couple days) shootings of black men by cops in the states (as well as the not so recent but last couple years ones?) Do you think/hear about it at all? Do you even care? Do you think the U.S. is doomed...I'm really wondering what your opinion/thoughts are of all this...if you have even heard about it? This is not meant to be inciteful in any way, I'm just wondering what, if anything, non U.S. people have heard, or think about all this?

*I edited the title of this post, as it was a horribly contentious title that offended, and I did not mean to offend....I am genuinely curious about people's opinion. Also, although this question was initially directed at people who are not U.S. citizens, I would also like to hear the opinions of my fellow 'mericans.
Thank you to those posters who showed me the error of my posting ways! (i really do mean that!)      :)
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Do toxic plants affect the wholesomeness of edible plants growing nearby?

Suburban foraging question: a construction site in a neighborhood I frequent wound up leaving mounds of bare, freshly turned earth that have sprouted a bumper crop of purslane and lambs'-quarters, both of which I'm very fond of. Unfortunately, there's also a fair amount of datura and some mysterious carrotlike plants (I have no intention of touching the latter, since giant hogweed has been confirmed in the vicinity.)

Assuming that I don't touch the poisonous plants, would their mere proximity do anything to contaminate the edible ones? (This question was prompted in part by my mother's memories of a banana tree in my great-grandmother's garden in central Florida; strawberries grew at its foot, with the result that the bananas came out strawberry-flavored. Anecdata, admittedly, and the tree was gone by the time I entered the picture--but Mom tended to be a reliable and matter-of-fact witness, and I will personally vouch for the presence there, circa the Seventies, of giant yellow-and-pink grasshoppers and a tree that bore five kinds of citrus.

ETA, 7/9/2016: I just arrived at the area to find a landscaping crew hard at work making the issue moot; thanks for everyone's advice, though.
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