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July 6th, 2016

I love you [Jul. 6th, 2016|09:02 am]
The Question Club


How long were you and your SO together before they told you they loved you?

Did you grow up in a house where "I love you" was said often? If not, did that have any impact on how often/when you said it to your SO?
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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2016|04:57 pm]
The Question Club


Hi guys! I have an interview tomorrow for a job that would be a promotion within the company I'm currently in. I interview with the department manager and then the store manager. I didn't get the last job I interviewed for and the department manager told me it was because I was too nervous.

I'm a bit discouraged because I'm always nervous and will probably always go into job interviews nervous (I thought this was normal for most people), my question is if any of you have any tips to either not be nervous, or to fake it and appear confident even when you're not!

dk/dc how did your last job interview go?
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Sax and Violins [Jul. 6th, 2016|08:31 pm]
The Question Club


What musical instrument(s), that you've never attempted to learn, do you wish you could play? What appeals to you about it/them?

DK/DC/I've tried to learn them all: Strawberry, Chocolate, or Vanilla ice cream/nondairy frozen dessert?
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