July 4th, 2016

confused josh

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What is the stadard proceedure when going to the Dr. for female issues that are out of the ordinary?

I scheduled an appointment with my Dr because I've been having excessivly painful periods with weird muscle spasm-y things and other issues for the last 6 months. I expected at least a blood test or some kind of physical exam. All she did was listen to my symptoms and then prescribe me extra strength anti-inflammatories to take during my period. I'm supposed to try those for a few months and see what happens, but tbh I'm not sure inflammation is the cause. The other option was hormonal birth control, but as I'm trans the VERY LAST thing I want to do is put MORE estrogen/progesteron in my body.

I'm just confused. I didn't really want to go on a prescribed pain medicine, and I'm concerned that the pain is a symptom of something more serious. A co-worker said my symptoms sounded almost as bad as her polycystic ovarion syndrome stuff.


Ice cream delivery method

In a bowl/cup
On a sugar cone
On a waffle cone
Store-bought drumstcks
Ice cream bar
Other in comments
MC Pee Pants

Career change

I'm going to be coming into a bit of money, and I was wondering:

Are there any medical billing & coders here? What is it like? Is it fairly easy to get a job working from home? Do you like it? Is it soul-killingly boring or do you find it fun and engaging? What is the best certification to have?

I think that's all for now.

ETA: the money will pay for the course to become a medical biller/coder IF I decide it's something to pursue.