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June 30th, 2016

Second place is first loser [Jun. 30th, 2016|09:09 am]
The Question Club


Poll #2048335 All the sports

How important are sports in your life?

ZOMG I Iive and DIE by my teams
I cant get out of bed before checking last nights scores
I have season tickets BITCHEZZZ
I facebook stalk the MVP on my team
I named my child after a team mascot
My cell phone has a countdown timer to opening day
I seek counseling the day after the season
My car is in my team colors
My bedsheets are in my team logo
I have tattoos with (insert team here) NATION
Sports radio has me on speed dial
I watch maybe a game a year
I know my town has a team... but I dont know what they play
Wait a sec while i ask my book club
other in comments you LOSER.
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Question for coffee lovers [Jun. 30th, 2016|10:05 am]
The Question Club


If you drink coffee at work, do you have a favorite cup you use or do you have disposable cups?

If you drink coffee at home, do you have a favorite cup and use it exclusively or do you just use whatever is clean?

I have a cup at work that I use exclusively. I rinse it out before I get my first cup in the morning.

I have a set of three cups I use at home. All three are yellow. I use a clean one everyday.
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Retail Therapy [Jun. 30th, 2016|01:07 pm]
The Question Club


It's payday, TQC and I wish to buy myself something.

Anyone got any good book recommendations? I enjoy urban fantasy (Dresden files), high fantasy (ASoIaF, Robin Hobb books but they're a bit dark), sci-fi and historical books (Hornblower, Aubrey-Maturin)

But I'm open to expanding my horizons if anyone has other recommendations.

What books do you like to read?

Dk/dc: what do you like to treat yourself with?
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IDGI [Jun. 30th, 2016|08:22 pm]
The Question Club


What's the most recent thing you've looked up on Urbandictionary?

I had to look up smang last night. It appeared in the comments to a Jezebel piece and I had no clue until I consulted the UD.
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