June 28th, 2016


Hot water, hot water!

Hello TQC, first time poster here. I really enjoy the questions and interactions in the community, so thank you everyone!

My first question is going to be about hot water in the bathroom. I am from Russia, and the idea of there being a limited amount of it is strange to me, yet I keep encountering books and movies (mostly British and American) where there is always a morning rush to the bathroom.

On the other hand, we have a no-hot-water period every year, anywhere from late May to late August. It used to be 21 days long but these days, it is usually 10 days, and there is no such period at all in some newer buildings (at least it is so in the Moscow region). Because the winters can be quite cold (during the coldest winter I remember the temperature went down to -35 C/-30 F, some 20 years ago), this interruption is needed so that the authorities check the state of the pipes.


Poll #2048176 Hot water

What kind of hot water supply are you used to?

Unlimited supply
Unlimited supply but there is a week/10 days/21 days a year when there is only cold water
A limited amount
No hot water supply
Other (please explain in comments)

What country/region in the country are you from?

Is your hot water situation typical of the place you live in?

I believe it is
I do not know for certain
I don't think it is

Did I just give too much information, or is the long explanation OK? Also, what does the dk/dc abbreviation mean, the one that sometimes is written before the additional questions in the community posts, like these last two?
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What the eff is going on with me???

Several weeks ago I noticed an odd kind of chest pain. I have had chest pain in the past that I have cleared with doctors before. It's not a bad pain, but it is a sharp sensation. I would best describe it as sort of like when you're fidgeting with a thumb tack or something - it doesn't hurt that badly, but it's enough to get my attention. The more I think about it, the more it hurts, so I'm sure some anxiety conntributed to it somewhat.

I went to the dr. and they said I probably have mitral valve prolapse. I didn't get the echo at this point yet about 2 weeks later, when I started getting *mad* stomach pain after I ate, and sometimes popped up a few hours after I ate. No lie, I had a few moments where I contemplated going to the ER. I set up an appt with the same doctor, and they said it's probably too much stomach acid, which was probably linked to the chest pain I had before. They said I was probably having silent reflux issues where stomach acid was coming up through my esophagus, causing the pain in my chest. They gave me samples of nexium and sent me on my merry way.

I honestly had no idea your stomach could hurt that bad and it not be an emergency....wow. I'm talking doubled over in pain, or at the very least, in tears, type of bad. Now, over the last few days I've been mostly okay. Stomach troubles have lessened, going from feeling a ball in my stomach to feeling nothing.

Except for today. I went to grab a drink. Gulped it down and for a good 20 seconds it felt like I was punched in the stomach. Have you ever been punched in the stomach, TQC? I haven't, but I don't recommend it.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does this really sound like acid reflux, or am I going through a second puberty or what?