June 27th, 2016


miscellany: reserved seating, some animals not abused, New Haven hotels, Steam sale

1. Steam is having their summer sale. It is time for me to explore the world of PC gaming, and I have a hot machine and no experience. What are some good games for me to start off on? I'm willing to try all the different categories, I don't mind old titles (cuz they'll be new to me), and I don't want to pay cutting-edge prices.

2. The movie theater chain that dominates my region just went to all-reserved-seating. That means I can't walk into the theater, look around, and pick the seats that look good with no close neighbors and no one tall in front of me. I think it sucks. What's your experience?

3. Have you got any knowledge of the hotel scene around New Haven, Connecticut USA? I'm trying to navigate reviews and book a clean/maintained 2-star room for a week.

4. I saw Independence Day: Resurgence. In the credits, instead of the usual "no animals were harmed" disclaimer, they had to run the weasel words "American Humane Association monitored some of the animal action. No animals were harmed in those scenes." That means their observers weren't allowed on set for some of the animals scenes, so anything might have happened. Got any dirt?


EDITED TO ADD: The Humane Association has details on their "no animal was harmed" certification here: http://humanehollywood.org/index.php/end-credits/end-credit-evolution