June 22nd, 2016

baby bilo and baby biggles laughing :)


We plan on hopping from NC to San Francisco and staying there for two weeks (including flights). We're staying there for maybe 5 days and then traveling down to Big Sur. We haven't decided if we want to travel north to the Redwoods National State Park or even to Yosemite--this might just be too out of the way or too much being on the road since we absolutely want to go to Big Sur and staying in San Francisco, so we might just keep it down to two spots for our honeymoon since we'll be there for only two weeks. I don't have a good grasp on what the logistics are going to be, so I'm open to anything at this point.

Do you guys have any suggestions for itinerary? Cool areas to visit? Any suggestions on the areas I mentioned? Where to find good deals on plane tickets? Car rental/transportation suggestions? Food? Entertainment? Touristy and non-touristy things are welcome.

We haven't made any concrete plans other than San Francisco and Big Sur, so I'm just looking for any suggestions all around.



Because, let's face it, dihydrogen monoxide is kinda boring

I just bought a couple of tumblers with infusers built in. Besides citrus fruits, what works well for infusing water? If you infuse water, any tips you'd like to share?

Have you ever used those bottles of drops for flavoring water?(Mio) Do they actually work with just a few drops or do you need to squirt a lot in?

I drink my water plain: What movie are you still looking forward to this summer?

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Do you experience schadenfreude, TQC? That gleeful little feeling of "oh, it couldn't happen to a nicer person" when something bad happens to someone you don't like? Tell me tales of the people who have wronged you getting their comeuppance!

DK/DC; I'm marking exam scripts. I need music to play in the background while I do it. Recommendations?
Aquarius (constellation)

Dash cam your world

I saw that dash cams are cheaper nowadays so I'm thinking of getting dash cam for birthday/X-mas. Any tips on what features/brands to look out for?

Is there a rule/protocol to follow regarding accidents/events you're not involved in but got it on dash cam(s)? Wait around for the cops? Go ahead and upload video?