June 14th, 2016


Suggestions for audio short stories

Hello TQC! Looking for some suggestions; hoping for your kind input.

We will soon be undertaking a long car journey and need some good stuff to listen to. We like to have audiobooks. I have a couple of longer books, but I'm looking for some short stories to fill gaps where we're not going to want to stop in the middle of a chapter.

Preferred genres would be horror (more gothic than blood and guts), fantasy, science fiction, science fantasy, drama (but no chick lit), that sort of thing. We'd prefer it to be intellectually satisfying (or not trying to be but failing) and have a definite preference for dark stuff. As an indicator, we love Neil Gaiman. The main caveat is I must be able to get it: iTunes, audible or audio CD available in the UK, or free download.

Any suggestions? Warnings? Recipes for oatmeal cookies? Thank you!