June 8th, 2016


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Do you garden? May I see a picture of your garden, please?!

I am unable to raise plants. I have had four and they have all died. Two died in my first apartment because I only had two windows and both got too much sun. The second set of plants died because in my second apartment they don't get enough sun.

DK/DC: Do you go out on casual strolls? Just a walk for the sake of walking? How long do they usually last?


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It has been decreed that everyone must appear on a non-scripted TV show. (Game shows count)

What type of show do you choose to appear on?

Knowledge based
Puzzle solving based
Skill based
Luck based
One that lets me outwit other people
Talk show
One of those shows that just follow people around
Small claims court show
My glorious revolution against this decree will definitely make the news
Other, that I'll describe in comments

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I paid a bill from my checking acct that is my partner's responsibility, so he "owes" me $. I am headed to Target this evening to get some new summer clothes for our toddler. Respectively, my fiance left his credit card before his 24 hr shift this AM. I talked to him on the phone this morning, and he told me to buy myself something nice "while I'm at it."

What should I buy myself?!
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Have you ever received a combination of Google results that makes...no freaking sense whatsoever?

I have something specific in mind: my search was for "Cherie Currie's vocal range", and one particular phrase kept popping up.

"Mezzo-soprano", my ass! Currie sure sounds to me like a full-bore witches-bitches-and-britches contralto (and an early-ripening one; she sounded this way by 16), thank you very much (warning for leering camera gaze):

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mad skillz

What skills do you feel should be taught in the general public school curriculum? I realize there is quite a gamut of potential answers depending on someone's personal experience and where they are located. Amuse me.

DK/DC: What food/drink are you currently craving?