May 31st, 2016

People, what are your PMS symptoms?

What are your PMS symptoms?

I've just spent the last few hours thinking things like "I'm so ugly, unlovable, lazy, and this and that," but then it hit me: what time of the month is it? And I was like ooooooooh ofc, now I know why I'm currently hating myself. PMS!

Because this is common for me. When I'm PMSing I can get really self-loathing and pessimistic. I can really wind up in a pretty dark place. I can sometimes snap out of it by repeating to myself that "these feelings are not real, this is not real". Staying aware of the fact that they're symptoms make them easier to deal with and ignore.

My physical symptoms (like bloating, cramps) tend to be less savage.

Unfriendly neighbor's dog

In our apartment community there's one dog that for some reason expressly and expressively dislikes me. It barks whenever I pass by the first-floor apartment of the owner, which is fine by me, but it tries to approach me and might be dreaming of biting me, which is not fine. On the first encounter it was out with the owner and ran up to me from my back barking. I hadn't done anything to provoke that. Last night it got loose escaping the balcony/patio (whatever contraption is put in place by the owner isn't very effective and the dog can squeeze in between the ground and the walls and get out) and ran to me again and the owner once again had to grab the dog. The dog isn't big (at most twice the cat size), but it may still cause injury if it really dares to. Should I report this to the management? What can they do if anything (dogs are allowed)? Should I wait until it actually bites me?

UPD: Patio fencing improved following my report to management, yay!