May 30th, 2016


Divided by a common language

You're reading a book translated into English from another language. Quite early on, you realize that the English translation is a mix of American and British conventions (in a way that is also inconsistent with Canadian English). The spelling and punctuation follow American conventions, but the terminology is British.

Is this something that you're likely to notice? Is it something that's likely to bother you?


You are in a public place where the toilets are sex-segregated and have an attendant, and you need to really need to use the facilities. The line for your side is long, so the attendant offers to let you use the opposite sex toilets. Do you accept the offer?


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Have you ever peed your pants at a very inopportune time? at any time? Sorry for the confusion!

It happened to me today. I was running and while taking a break, I suddenly had to pee. I couldn't stop it!! It was like I had a 2 second window between realizing I had to pee, and peeing

I have never given birth, and I'm 28, I feel like I have no excuse

has this happened to anyone else??