May 27th, 2016


Japanese translation help

This picture of what looks like Kanji resulted from an image search using the engine for the keyword heiroglyphics. My curiosity over the translation stems from the character/word that looks like the letters "gg". It appears 6 times and if you're having trouble finding it, it is the first and last word/character in the composition.
Here is the link to the image file, which is also under the cut.
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[by me] LIZ IS

Mystery Topper

What is this hat style called? I recently saw some guys walking around the neighborhhood with these hats on,

their clothes were sort an outfit that looks like a nightshirt and skinny-legged pajamas. All three hats were white, the 3 men had pale skin, and long dark curly beards. View 2 of the hat is more accurate, the bottom edge of it dipped a little in front of the ears.

I kind if assumed they were of a country/religion that didn't care for women walking up to men and saying, "hey, where are you guys from!?".

Edit: THIS is probably it.

Not a day at the beach

Like millions of Americans, I will be spending Memorial Day nowhere near the beach. However, I want to capture some of that beachy feel. (And Yankee Candle was having a sale.) So, poll time!

Which of these candles* should I use to capture the essence of beach? (Please select no more than two)

Ocean Star
Catching Rays
Beach Walk
Beach Wood
Sunset Breeze
Sun & Sand

Would you buy a ticky scented candle?


*Yankee Candle's website has descriptions if you want to try for an informed decision