May 24th, 2016

Harrison and I

Question for fellow Mac users!

I use Time Machine/an external hard drive to back up my Mac laptop. A few days ago I went to back it up and I selected...something (I think it was one of the drives in the second screenshot below) and now it says what it does in the first image:

When I enter time machine, it still shows me the previous backups, but what has me slightly worried is the fact that right now it says "oldest backup: none" and "latest backup: none."

So do I go ahead and let it do the backup? Am I going to lose the other backups that it shows me when I go into "enter time machine," or will it keep the old backups as well as the new one and it'll be fine?

Don't know, don't care:
what do you think of all the remakes/live action versions of animated Disney movies they're coming out with (Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Pete's Dragon, etc)? Are you getting tired of them and think Hollywood needs new, original material, or are you happy they're doing them?

I don't personally think they needed to do another version of The Jungle Book (I love the live action one from the 90's), and I really don't think Pete's Dragon was necessary, but I love that they're doing Beauty and the Beast and keeping it as a musical. I haven't seen The Jungle Book yet, but I heard that it's good, and I'll probably go see Pete's Dragon.

Edit: I was able to resolve my issue. Apparently deleting the file that Time Machine started for the initial backup I was starting to do and then restarting my computer did the trick. It took a while to back it up because there's so much for it to back up but it finally did it without an issue, and now it at least doesn't say "oldest backup: none" and "previous backup: none."