May 21st, 2016


"Words, words, words"-Shakespeare

What should I be reading?

High Fidelity (Library book, currently in the middle of)
The Name of the Wind (Fantasy, Book 1 in series, read a few years ago)
The Wise Man's Fear (Sequel to TNotW)
Boneshaker (Steampunk w/ zombies)
Uprooted (Fantasy w/ dragon)
The Philip K. Dick Reader (SF short stories)

Attention Yogis!

Okay, any yogis out there. I'm in need of some upgraded yoga equipment.

I got a mat from Target about 2 years ago, but it sucks. I don't even know what brand it is. I've also been using a terrycloth hand towel to keep my hands from slipping, but lately I've been getting rugburn on my palms from it.

My cousin, a yoga instructor, recommended Manduka brand anything/everything (which is what my yoga studio uses and sells), but if someone has another suggestion, I will look into it. Here are the details about my practice so far:

I do hot vinyasa power yoga exclusively, so I need something ultra grippy so I don't fall on my face. I also need something with the tiniest bit of extra padding because I have some kind of weird sensitivity in my left arm where if there's too much harsh pressure on my elbow joint, I lose feeling in my pinky finger and half of my ring finger on that side for several days. I'm also kiiiiind of on a budget, but because yoga is important to my mental and physical health right now, I'm willing to stretch my budget just a bit for this. If I get a grippy and absorbent enough mat, I don't need a towel, but if you have a good mat/towel combo recommendation, I'd happily look into both.

Any recommendations? Amazon has been most unhelpful in terms of customer satisfaction with products lol.