May 18th, 2016

What do you like most about your physical appearance?

A couple of days ago I asked about body insecurities, a tad depressing maybe, which made me want to ask what you like most about your body / physical appearance?

I tend to feel comfortable and happy with how I look. It's a contentment with how I look overall and I usually don't focus on one or two things that I like more or less. The only parts of my body that I have a stronger appreciation for is my small waist and my groovy hips, lol. I think they add something to me and I really like how they look and feel. Other than that I like how my face looks most of the time.

Wedding Reception

I RSVP'd yes to my manager's wedding reception a month or so ago. She invited everyone at the company and there's at least 200 people going including friends and family. The thing is, my last day at the company is in two days and I never really got on with the manager, especially now. She is a horrible manager and another reason why I'm leaving. The wedding reception is this weekend after my last day at the company.

The likelihood of bumping into her or any of my soon to be ex-colleagues is quite high as I live in a small-ish town. I feel obligated to attend for professional reasons and that I had RSVP'd yes to begin with, however I don't want to go to the reception anymore. Is there a way out of it?