May 16th, 2016


Art People of TQC?

I have a question regarding an old art print I finally wheedled out of a friend of mine - it has a sheet of Plexiglass over it in the frame rather than glass. It looks okay at night, but during the day the glare is such that I can't even see the art. Here is a picture of it I took last night, when the sun was down and the glare was (mostly) off it:

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Does anybody know where I can get a piece of non-glaring something (I think glass would be too heavy) size 24" x 30" to replace the Plexiglass? Also what would that non-glaring something be called? Any help/suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!

dk/dc/oh gurl don't you know anything about art: Do you have a piece of art that you fell in love with on sight and simply had to have? Bonus points for pics!

Fill my time

Dear TQC,

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DK/DC: I'm getting another tattoo for my birthday/graduation in August! Been saving for it bit by bit for awhile. Mine is fairly nerdy and related deeply to my childhood. Do you have a nerdy or nostalgic tattoo? Any that you want to get or would consider?

Joker - ha

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Do you believe invertebrates, such as worms, can feel pain?

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In this video, the worm is seen reacting to the leech crushing its body as it is being ingested whole. It writhes and attempts to escape. Some people have commented that it's not experiencing pain, but is merely responding to its body taking damage. What are your thoughts?

dkdc: Do you like spaghetti? What is your preferred method for eating long noodles?

ConcertBoom? Legitimate Tickets?

I need help trying to verify my tickets. I bought them from ConcertBoom after seeing a facebook advertisement, not knowing that they were a third party ticket re-seller. I was so excited that I didn't bother to do research and paid way too much for tickets that cost 50% less on Ticketmaster. I've found a few reviews from people that were upset that they overpaid for tickets like I did, but no one verified if the tickets ended up being legitimate. I tried working with ConcertBoom and my bank to try and reverse the transaction, but nothing could be done since I willingly purchased the tickets and they don't do refunds :( I tried calling Ticketmaster earlier today but kept getting a busy single so I'll try again tomorrow but I'm worried sick now.

I recieved the tickets via e-mail a few days ago but the tickets don't have a name or price on them! Other than that, the tickets look exactly the same as my friend's ticket that was purchased through Ticketmaster.

Has anyone ever purchased tickets through ConcertBoom? I feel so stupid for overpaying but I at least hope they end up being legitimate tickets.

DK/DC: Tell me about a time you got scammed. What did you do?

EDIT: The tickets ended up being legitimate! Thank GOD. I appreciate all of your advice :)!