May 14th, 2016


Tell me something GOOD

Hey TQC -

I was just running my 7-year-old battered and abused Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner and marveling at the fact that it still picks up better now than any other vacuum cleaner I ever owned, even on the first day I ever owned them. I have two sled dogs with double coats that shed out twice a year and right now we are in the midst of our sixth year of coat blowouts - and this thing still picks up the hair like crazy. It has also survived years of picking up basting threads, stray yarn, my husband's almost waist-length hair and guitar-string trimmings and it's still living to tell the tale. So my question for you is this:

Is there is a product or service that you can tell me about that has far exceeded your expectations? I hear so many stories of "don't bother, this is such a rip-off", "this thing is junk, I'm returning it" etc etc (and have contributed plenty of my own) but I'd like to hear the other kind. Got any to share?

dk/dc: What's the weather doing where you are? It's 45 degrees here with a WIND CHILL of 36 degrees...!

Unrelated Questions

[Spoiler for the first Friday the 13th movie]1)If Pamela Voorhees turned into a killer because her young son drowned, why is Jason a full grown adult in the series?

2)I bought a pack of file folders from Amazon, who wouldn't sell me the version with "frustration free packaging." Turns out "standard" packaging is a thin cardboard box with the lid held down with two, easily removed, pieces of tape.
So, how does the other version make opening it easier?

3)What's the last item you proudly repurposed? (Either something you already owned or something you deliberately bought to use not exactly as intended.)

4)Assuming you had everything necessary available, would you bother fixing a dollar store(or equivalent) item?
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