May 6th, 2016


Default furniture

have you ever left an ironing board out so long it became part of your furniture?
has anything else become "accidental furniture"?

those Android BASTARDS have updated my keyboard...HOW in Thors name do i get my beloved keyboard back?
this ironic hipster art deco keyboard isnt working for me...


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Did you used to have a go-to recipe that you rarely make now?  Did you just phase it out, or did you just get sick of it?

I discovered Larb (an Asian dish) in college and I found a recipe and I made it / ate it for dinner every. damn. day. I ate it like lettuce wraps. Today, after not having it in years, it just occurred to me to buy the ingredients and make a ton of it, as a meal-prep, and I've been gorging on it for the last half hour
Legally Blonde

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I sold my bike to a lady via Craigslist yesterday. She paid me $150 via Venmo for a bike that I bought for over $300 and rode only a few times (new york is scary okay!!). She took the bike for a test ride yesterday and mentioned something about the gears clicking while riding, but the bike is in 100%% rideable condition otherwise.

Just now I get a text from her saying she brought the bike to a shop today and that they needed to replace a part. Parts and labor are $30 and she asked me to Venmo her that amount of money back to cover the cost.

Is this my responsibility to give her the money back??? / Is there any way to tell her no without being a huge a-hole??

(For what it's worth, the money she gave me is literally all the money I have right now)

dk/dc: What's the one thing on ur Netflix queue that's been on there since the dawn of time but you've still never watched?

I don't wanna go to bed

I am currently physically tired, but metally well rested. What would you do in that position?

Stay up and do something that doesn't require much movement
Go to bed and try to sleep
Go to bed and do something that doesn't require much movement
Stay up and try to figure out how to put yourself to sleep

Who's side are you on?

Iron Man's
Captain America's
Can't we all just get along?