May 4th, 2016


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I'm thinking of purchasing a large purse for college to tote my laptop (13" Macbook Pro) and some other small items (lip balm, writing utensils, 1-2 notebooks, water bottle, snacks) around to the library and to classes that don't require textbooks.  I already have a nice backpack that I will be bringing with me to lug around textbooks/binders.

I've always liked purses and I want to purchase a new one and I think that getting a large purse like this one or this one (but not exactly those since I don't have that much money) would serve multiple purposes since I'll be traveling home quite often and will need a bigger purse for all my chargers and things since I probably won't be lugging a suitecase back and forth and will just be using a duffel.

In your opinion, is this a waste of money and should I just use my backpack all the time or will a purse be useful?

EDIT: I'm finally in school and I've only used a backpack so far! Even though I don't have any textbooks, it's been easier to use a backpack.

hipsters and their beets

Edit again: there was a poll here, its code was screwy, I tried to edit it at shippo's request, that did not work, the poll is gone.

Instead, here is a question: how many hats do you own?

Yeah, I know. I didn't think it was a great question either, but it's a question.