May 3rd, 2016


These dreams go on...


When you wake from a stressful dream, generally how long does it take for you to calm down?

Are you able to roll over, or get up, and forget about it? Or is it more like 15 minutes of self-soothing and cuddling with your favorite pet?

Another app query?

Does anyone know of a good menstrual app for tracking and perhaps a menopause predictor, if an app has that, that I can D/L from Google Playstore?

What is your favorite temperature?
72° is mine

Edit: I opted for Clue

Pricing dilemma.

I'm co-running a Minecraft themed event for kids at the local library. I will be reading a Minecraft picture book from my self-published series and there will be activities and games. The event is free but you have to sign up. The librarian told me I will be able to sell my books there as long as I give 10% of the profits to the library, which I'm happy to do.

My problem is I can't decide what to price my books. They are currently $7.99 on Amazon, on which I make a dollar profit per sale. It costs me a little over $4 / book (print+ship+tax) to sell them myself. So I'm torn between two options:

A. Charge $8 / book or $15 for every two books (there are 6 in the series). That way it's the same as online, and I possibly get enough profit to make up for overstocking (I just ordered 10 of each so it's a pretty penny).
B. Charge a flat $5 per book and make less than a dollar per sale but possibly have more sales since people are more likely to have $5 increments.
C. Other?

Which option do you think I should go with? I've never done this before so any advice would be useful. Thanks!
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What's your opinion on bootlegged media?

Inspired by the explosion of Prince videos on YouTube (much of which consists of fan footage and other unauthorized stuff), which his purpleness would've hated, but which is bringing new fans into the flock....

(no subject)

Let's say that someone you know, like a close friend, relative, etc., admitted to you that they were a pedophile, but never acted on it. For the purpose of the example, let's assume they are telling the truth. would you think differently of that person?

Would you trust them around other children you two may know, or your own kids? (edit; by "trust" I mean, interacting with your kids at all, not necessarily with them being alone with them)

(Note: I'm not a pedophile, but I keep reading these articles about the pope and him condemning pedophilia, and everyone saying pedophiles should burn, so I figured a moral challenge was in order)

EDIT: Perhaps I should rephrase the question to, would you no longer associate with that person if they admitted to you that they were a pedophile with no intent or history of harming children? Let's say there are no children around.

I'll be honest and say that I'd feel very weird about being around that person at all, and I have no kids. I'm just wondering what other people would think