May 2nd, 2016


Mental health at work

1. One of my best friends just graduated with a Master's in Social Work. He had an internship at the VA and is already feeling extremely emotionally drained. We live across the country, but I feel like he's having a major quarter-life crisis. I told him to get a therapist, but for some reason he's ashamed to do it. Anyone with a MSW or similar degree/career path? How do you handle the intensity sometimes of your job?

2. I work in a windowless cubicle and am about to go full time once I graduate in a month. I like my job but I need ways to spice up my space to make myself not go too crazy. What do any of you do who work in such a drab environment?

Since we're on the subject, what aspects of your work potentially improve your mood and what aspects may worsen your mood?
nagato neko


Though I'm not going to have much free time in coming weeks, my time-wasting side of me wants to know: What international shows would you recommend on Hulu? I just discovered that they have Canadian, British, Chinese, Russian, Australian shows...what's good? Feel free to toss me any Korean drama suggestions as well. They have their own category for some reason.

DK/DC: What's your favorite way to have eggs?
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writing research and MS.

Do you or does anyone you know have MS? I'm in the midst of some writing research for a story idea I'm working on, and if anyone has any firsthand experiences with it, I'd be grateful if you were willing to share them. The regimen, management, daily life, just anything you feel is pertinent.

a little less conversation, a little more phone action

I'm reading this book Reclaiming Conversation about how people don't have meaningful conversations anymore because phones interrupt the natural flow even if you're not actively looking at the screen (although most people are looking at it). The author describes the current generation of young kids as having less empathy than previous generations, because they don't know how to talk to one another, since they haven't learned conversational skills from their parents, because their parents are absorbed in their phones.

How often do you put your phone completely away (not in your pocket on vibrate) when you're talking to someone face to face?