April 23rd, 2016

warhol zebra

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Does anyone know why I am unable to see anything on Instagram? I created an account to be able to view pics and they still don't show for me now. I'm using Chrome and it's up to date, and IG's help pages have been worthless... I don't see a loading symbol or anything, just blank squares instead of pics.

Do you know any "secret" recipes?
I do not, but my roommate used to work for a local chain and he knows their secret biscuit recipe. He's baking some this morning and the house smells DIVINE!

DK/DC: I wanna go dancing tonight but I can't decide where! What would you do?
Option A: Soul Night with a group of friends. It's free, but it doesn't start until 10 pm and I'd likely need to take a cab there and back. I like the venue, it's verging on "incredibly hip," but it's pretty small.
Option B: A queer dance party at a multi-floor club! $7 cover and I'd be going alone, though I'd likely run into folx I know and make new friends too. Close enough that I can bike to it.