April 18th, 2016

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I'm throwing my first ever kid's birthday party for a fella who has never had one (we are in the process of adopting him!)

TQC what can we do to make a mid summer outdoor/cookout party at home (his request) fantastic and financially reasonable?  We had rented an inflatable but it looks like it will not be very fun, so we are all in agreement to cancel it. The kids will be 8-11 years old :D


Friend page?

Has anyone else had their friend page go completely wonky in the past few days?  I know one of the people on my friends list unfriended me, but for some reason my friends list is now only showing a single post from one of the communities I'm in and nothing else.  I double checked to make sure I'm still friends with the people no longer showing on my friend page and still in the communities no longer showing on my friend page, so I have no idea what's going on.


What's your favorite food to grill?

So i had this best friend...

So I grew up with this girl...when we met i was (a very mature!) 11 and she was 14...we became best friends instantly and stayed that way for 20 years...and then...she dumped me...no fights, no explanations, no hey fuck you i don't like you no more...just disappeared out of my life, completely. A few years ago we were briefly FB friends, and then i deleted her...because, well, to honest, it hurt so much when she dumped me (after ALL we'd been through)...and then to see her posting all this stuff, about how happy and great her life was (she had moved to a different state by then)...I dunno...it didn't make me feel good. Over the next couple years, I found out some weird, random things...like she was fb'ing my OTHER bfff, (they had tolerated but never really liked each other, and that girl dumped me too...but not before telling me how bf #1 was creating realms of imagination online)....anways...i never really did figure it all out (maybe i'm the asshole?totally possible)....but i have moved on and over a decade has passed...i have a career and kids and family things...and things...ya know? but i i guess, deep inside i never did completely get over it...because i never understood why...
So, anyways, this person's mother just passed away. I know this because we did grow up together, we have mutual friends, fb friends, etc....i dwelled for awhile, thn just sent her a fb message..sorry for your loss, my prayers are with your family....
Do I owe anything else? Her mom was cool, i'm sorry she's gone, seems unexpected (from the little I gather online)....and I think I did the right thing by sending the message...I would send a card if i had an address, but well, i'm not going that far....and i'm really kinda hoping she doesn't respond. I don't hate her, I am sorry her mom is gone, i'm not interested in going any deeper than my little fb email to her...if she did respond, I would probably respond back...and I do not want it to become one of those things...now, if she called me crying in the middle of the night, i would be there for her (I would be there for anyone in that circumstance, I'm an RN, we're the caring profession, ya know)...but i'm not interested in rejuvenating our friendship...am i wrong? am i evil? am i a bitter hateful bitch??
What say you, TQC?