April 16th, 2016


Wording a question

If a store is known to charge for their bags, and has a screen to show ever charge a customer puts in, is it necessary for cashiers to specifically mention the cost?  Something like 'Do you need to buy a bag today?' or is 'Do you any need bags?' enough?

DK/DC: Now that it is getting warmer out, tell me some of your favourite cold drinks. I love Iced Capps/cold coffee. :D

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Nostrilscaping toolage

My SO has the most prolific and resilient nose hairs EVER. He has a trimmer attachment for his personal grooming device, but like mutant crabgrass of the proboscis these hairs flatten themselves under the trimmer and spring back undaunted. He is ready to up his grooming game, but unsure where to turn. What magical implement will tame this furry forest?

Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead, TWD

Workout music?

I've been looking into some fresh new workout music to keep me motivated. Do you guys have any suggestions? I'm looking for something upbeat with a fast rhythmn and fun lyrics.

So far I already listen to Ariana Grande, Ramones, Epic Rap Battles of History, metal, fuck you songs, and a shit ton I can't think of right now. Those artists are specifically for exercise.