April 15th, 2016


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I've got a friend visiting this weekend who is on the paleo diet. He's going to get in around seven or eight and said that, if traffic was bad, he might stop for dinner on the way. I'd like to cook something that can be kept warm until he arrives, but that won't be too labor-intensive and will be fine for leftovers if it turns out he's already eaten.

I was thinking soup. I've got some leftover beef stock from the last time I made pot-roast, and I could stop at the store on my way home from work and get carrots and things to put in it.

If I make soup out of the beef broth, what (paleo friendly) things should I put in it? Recipes appreciated.

Do you have a better idea for what I should cook tonight? I'd prefer something fairly simple, since I gave blood yesterday so I'm still feeling fairly fatigued.

Usually I get bread and cheese to go with soup, but that obviously won't work for a paleo friend. What should I serve with the soup?
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I'm 42 years old. I've been a stay-at-home parent since having my first son in May of 2004. I want to get together a resume but am really unsure about what I need to include at this point. The last time I interviewed for a position was in 1999. I left my last job and married and moved from PA to DC in July of 2003.
To say "it's been a while since I've done this" is an understatement.

My old resume had my high school jobs, my high school achievements and my very little college experience. (I never did get my degree.)

I've had jobs since I was 13 years old. Am I putting all that shit on there?

Like WHAT do I include??

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Are there any interests/preferences/traits/practices etc that you've carried with you from a past relationship?

For example, I always loved pickles, and I would just eat Vlasic because that is what my parents kept in the house when I was growing up. I could eat an entire jar in a sitting. My ex boyfriend insisted Claussen pickles are the best, and he's right. It's been almost 8 years since we've been together, but I still only buy Claussen, because it's difficult for me to truly enjoy/quench my cravings for pickles with anything but Claussen brand!

Also, my most recent ex (still over 4 years ago) used to practice breathing exercises, and I do those often.

If you have young children, can you recall something funny or cute they've said recently?
Yesterday while I was walking my 3 1/2 yr old son into day care, he stepped over all of the 'cracks' in the floor and said "I'm steppin over the cracks so me not break your back." It was so sweet, because normally he steps on all of the cracks so he can watch me grimace!

I have an older generation Kindle that broke years ago. I've since received a new one. My babysitter did some investigation work on my old one, and found that the screen is cracked, but it was the screen underneath the e-ink screen. As it turns out, the exact same thing happened to hers (which brought up my broken Kindle) so she knows exactly how to repair it. She is repairing it for me, since it's a very inexpensive and easy fix. I want to give it to someone I know will truly enjoy it and use it, but I feel like I know whether the people close to me will actually use it or not, and they won't. How can I find my Kindle a good home (for free), where it will be used to it's full potential?!