April 11th, 2016

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Is it possible to be a good, effective manager without making everyone hate you? How would you do it?

 I just got a part time job as a cook and crew manager at a nursing home. Not only is it my first managerial job but I haven't mass-produced food like this since my first cooking job out of culinary school in 2004, so I'm a little rusty on cooking for so many people at once. They also want me to manage the other people who work during my shifts. There are only 2 or 3 of them at a time but they're on a constantly rotating schedule so I hardly ever get the same people twice in a row. They range from decent workers to zombies. I have to help motivate them to be ready to serve dinner on time and to finish their tasks (dishwashing, cleaning, prepping meal trays for the next day, etc.) at the end of the night in a timely manner. I'm not at all a pushy or forceful type. I don't like people to be mad at me or think I'm a bitch. I want to do this in a nice way, but is that possible or do I have to toughen up a bit?

shoulda known

What is a skill that you feel you should have (given your culture, gender, ethnicity, etc) or you think society expects you to have, but don't?

I'm half Colombian but don't speak Spanish. I'm a woman but have no idea how to do a French braid.