April 10th, 2016


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How do you make friends in livejournal these days? Also, how do you do an lj-cut? I've forgotten the art of the lj-cut, otherwise I would have inserted one right here. I'll edit this with a cut if someone tells me how.

I used to be crazy obsessed with livejournal 10-15 years ago. I found a .pdf that I downloaded of my journal the other night, and I was reading it. I realized that I regretted abandoning my old lj! I've started anew, but livejournal has changed so much. There used to be communities just for making friends, but I'm having a hard time finding any. Any advice? I guess I'll just use my lj as a personal journal and not really focus on the community aspect of lj like I used to, if I don't figure it out.
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just dumped my boyfriend this weekend because I found out he cheated on me. while I'm 3,000 miles away visiting family.

can you share some happy stuff with me to cheer me up?

also, how have you moved on and lessened the hurt when something like this happens? my heart aches.