March 31st, 2016



Hey TQC!
I'm flying to New York next week, from the UK. I arrive Tuesday evening, I've got a couple of nights in a boutique hotel in Little Italy, and then on Thursday some friends are coming out to join me, and we're staying somewhere uptown until Sunday.
So my questions are; what do I need to remember to do in preparation for my trip? I'll get currency, I've checked that my phone will work there, and I'm about to sort out my visa; what else?
And what should I do once I'm there? In the couple of days on my own, I'm planning to go to the garment district for some fabric shopping (Mood Fabrics, here I come), and I'd love to go to some thrift stores; can you recommend any neighbourhoods? What else should I do?
Good places to grab a bite to eat? I feel like I ought to get a slice of New York pizza while I'm there; where's the best?
I've got a bit of money to spend but not, like, loads, so low to mid-range budget stuff would be good, rather than really high end stuff. I like food, shopping, science, interesting stuff, long walks on the beach, cosy nights in with a glass of wine, the usual kind of thing. Plan my trip for me?

Also, how's the weather in NY NY?

nighty night

A. What's the longest span of time you've gone continuously without sleep?

B. What's the longest span of time you've slept continuously?

C. In what position do you typically sleep?

DK/DC: Instead, would you consider posting a nice GIF? (Not a creepy one, please, I have enough trouble sleeping.)