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March 28th, 2016

the herpes curse [Mar. 28th, 2016|12:57 pm]
The Question Club


Hi TQC. I need your advice about one of my least favorite things in the world.

I despise cold sores with a (probably disproportionate) white-hot, burning passion. I stopped getting them for several years, but got one again a few months ago, and a few short weeks ago, and again now. The increased frequency upsets me-- even when I used to get them regularly, it was never more often than every few months. Why did I get one again?

So my questions for you:

Do you get cold sores?
If yes, how often?
How do you treat them?
Have you figured out a way to prevent them?

Any advice would be appreciated. The only reason I can think of for the sudden increased frequency is that now, unlike in the past when I used to get cold sores, I use lipstick and lip gloss almost daily. I didn't throw away the lip color I'd been using last time I got one. (I did throw out my toothbrush). If I threw out everything I might've used in the days leading up to this most recent outbreak, it would probably cost a good $30 to replace. (And they're all my favorites, of course).

What do you throw away and replace after you've had a cold sore?
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Didn't see that coming [Mar. 28th, 2016|01:37 pm]
The Question Club



When you receive presents, which do you prefer?

I want it to be a complete surprise
I want to know what I'm getting
I don't receive presents
I only receive presents when someone decides to to give me one spontaneously, so it's a moot point
Mostly I prefer to be surprised, but there are a few gift givers in my life who need guidance

Which would you prefer to be surprised by?

Ticky wielding a chainsaw
Ticky wielding a machete
Ticky wielding a knife
Ticky wielding a glove with knives on the fingers
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Thank you, Easter bunny *bawk bawk* [Mar. 28th, 2016|05:06 pm]
The Question Club



Did you receive Easter baskets when you were young?

How old were you when you stopped receiving one?

If you were, say, 10 years old and didn't receive one, would you have been disappointed?
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Calories burned/exercise trackers [Mar. 28th, 2016|07:04 pm]
The Question Club



How trustworthy are exercise tracking apps like "mapmyride" when it comes to calories burned?

Example below of my last two bike rides...am I really burning that many calories on a cruiser bike? Granted I do not do a lot of "cruising" and am pedaling near constantly, some of it uphill but still...this seems too easy..haha!

Mapmyride screenshots belowCollapse )

DK/DC : What are you hypocritical about?

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