March 27th, 2016


does the magical breathing work for you?

It was with great interest that I read this account of 4-7-8 breathing. I thought, oh good, something to cure my chronic insomnia and magically restore health and vitality to my sleep habits! Only it didn't work. Even though the blogger assures me that after practicing this a few times I will get super awesome at it, I have done it daily for over a week and so far it's never put me to sleep (certainly not before I even get to 8) and I've never gotten to the exhale without feeling like I'm going to pop like an unhappy balloon that got too near the fire.

Does it work for you, TQC?
bikes in snowbank

wearing seatbelts

I just saw on the news that the local police will do a "spring blitz" of enforcing seatbelt laws.

Who doesn't wear seatbelts? Older people?

ETA: a quick google search told me that seatbelt wearing became law in the US in 1984, and in Canada, ranging from 1976 to the late 80s. I assume some older people never adapted to the laws.