March 25th, 2016

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being an adult is hard -.-

hey tqc! i have an insurance question, and since it's midnight & customer service closed 3 hours ago, i'm coming to y'all!

is there a shot in hell at opting out of mail order prescriptions? i take two medications daily, and it works best for me to fill my weekly pill thing, at which point I realize I'm running out and have 7-10 days to refill before disaster strikes. i work next door to a pharmacy, and i've always gotten my meds there...but at the beginning of this year, my insurance blocked them from filling. i've tried dealing with them but it's such a fucking headache i could scream!

so since i don't really want to pay $65 more a month, have any of you had a luck getting to opt out of a mail order program!?

dk/dc: do you take any prescription medicines?
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Sometimes when performing surgery, why do they put this clingy plastic film thing on the skin first?
Why do they sometimes tape the eyes of the patient shut, and sometimes not?

dk/dc: If you shave your legs, do you shave your toes and/or thighs too?