March 18th, 2016


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My mother, who usually makes Easter dinner, is laid up with a broken ankle, which means that either it won't happen or I'll have to do it. I'm in the church choir, though, which means I'll be flat out all week. SO, what's an easy-yet-delicious Easter/Spring sort of meal for 5-6 people that I can make in a couple of hours while exhausted and probably a little drunk? Mom can't have gluten but we all like brown rice pasta, if that matters.

dk;dc: Why do most bras hook in the back? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to hook in the front? (mainly looking for non-srs, but I'll accept srs).

Edit: None of us are particularly interested in ham, though I don't think any of us would be opposed to bits of ham in something.
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TQC! You're going to have an office of your own soon. How do you decorate? How many of your choices are determined by your "personality" or personal life?

In four months, the office I've shared with my supervisor since January of 2015 will be mine all mine. (She's retiring.) Any ideas on how to freshen up a beige cinderblock waiting room with no windows to the outside world (but a wall of windows facing a hallway)?? There is no budget for renovation but I'd gladly buy my own furniture and do some painting.
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So my workplace has finally reached the 21st century and has started using social media. They would like to allow any employee to suggest a topic for the official social media account to post about without overwhelming the person handling it with a bunch of unorganized, incoherent emails. We've made a form to fill out to submit an idea but it was suggested that having to fill out a form would kill anyone's enthusiasm for making the suggestion in the first place.

Does your workplace allow suggestions for the official social media presence? How do you make the suggestions? Would having to fill out a form make you less likely to make a suggestion?

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You're coming home after a long night/day out, TQC. You're tired and you want to go the fuck to sleep. You check your pocket or your bag for your keys and realize they're not there, even though you definitely had them on you when you left the house/apartment earlier.

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I lost my keys!
I've lost my keys!
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