March 14th, 2016


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So last night, I made cheese stuffed meatballs, packed it for some lunches this week. I just ate a few meatballs and to my disappointment, there is not a morsel of cheese to be found. Where did the cheese go?

selling my couch

I have to get rid of this couch. It's a relic of my defunct marriage and I want something lighter, both in hue and in mass.

It's a pretty sweet hide-a-bed sofa, covered in a durable, nonobtrusive sage green fabric. There's a little cat damage on the back, which obviously you don't see if it's up against a wall. It's huge (about 7 feet, 4-5 people could sit on it depending on their size) and it's heavy...movers had a hard time getting it into my apartment. I've had it about 22 years, but it looks gently used, not abused, and it's very comfortable.

I'd like to recover a little of its value since I'll be buying a new couch ASAP. How much should I ask for it on Craigslist? Or should I just give up and beg a charity to come and get it?