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March 10th, 2016

Trading in a car....and buying another one [Mar. 10th, 2016|07:43 am]
The Question Club



Next week the bf and I are trading in his 2007 Honda Fit Sport when we go buy our new vehicle.

The first time he attempted this, they offered $2000 in trade. I did some digging and that's almost $1000 less than what it books for in fair condition when trading in.  His car is in good condition. (It needs a stud replaced on one wheel, some paint touch ups (roof is faded in some spots), no noticeable dents, tires all match and aren't that old, he's the only owner the car has had...it does need a serious detailing..i dont have a heavy duty enough vacuum or the patience to deal with some of the dog hair.)

So...how do we not get screwed when we trade it in?  I'm going to clean it when we get to Georgia...the first dealer told him it didn't matter if it wasn't detailed, as they'd handle it after they went over it before they resell it.

Any tips for negotiating price on the new vehicle?
I've done research...so I have a paper with their price, the actual vehicle's worth, the least I'd take for his trade, and tax, title, and license.

Let's say they want 27000. 
Tax, title, license is like 1700
I want at least 2500 for his trade.
So 28,700-2500... the MOST I'd be willing to pay for everything would be 26,200. 

Do you think I'd be able to negotiate down to 24,000?
Does the fact that they'd have cash in hand, that day help things?
There's several other dealers in the immediate area, so we have other options if they don't budge.

I'm new to this whole car buying thing and he's even more clueless.  We have a dozen cars we want to look at..so if I can't get a dealer to budge, we've got plenty of backups.  He's getting a flat amount for me to work with..but the bigger discount I can get means that extra cash goes right in our savings account.

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Funeral [Mar. 10th, 2016|11:15 am]
The Question Club



My father died, and I'm trying to get everything arranged for a funeral and burial on Monday. I'm not expecting a lot of people to attend, but my aunts and uncle will be coming from over an hour away.

How necessary is a lunch after the service? I don't want to be rude, but I really don't want one more thing to plan.

ETA: We didn't have a wake or visitation due to circumstances, so this is it as far as visiting with people.

ETA: Thanks for the replies. I'm going to set out a Costco spread in the social hall like we did for the children's christenings. Ham, cheesy potatoes, sandwiches, salad, and a dessert. One of my girlfriends offered to stay behind from the burial to get the food set out.

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You're so vain... [Mar. 10th, 2016|11:43 pm]
The Question Club



Is there anyone more vain/self absorbed than Kim Kardashian??

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