March 8th, 2016


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Do you have a washer/dryer in your house, or do you use a shared laundry facility, or laundromat?

I had no access to a washer or dryer recently, and I had to go to a laundromat (by the way - I'm in a newcomplex and I have to pay $40 for a key to get into the laundry room. What gives?). I've used shared dorm type of laundry rooms which I suppose are similar, but I've never actually been to a straight up laundromat and washed my clothes with other people in public. It was kind of an inconvenience, but I have never been so grateful to have clean clothes

EDIT: I lived in dry climates in the past. In SoCal, I could hang things easily (but never bothered to). In Israel, I actually hand-washed all of my clothes and hung it out to dry. It would dry in a flash. I sincerely miss that. Does anyone live in a humid climate and hand-wash/line dry their clothes?

EDIT #2: DK/DC: I had to deal with COMCAST today. Ugh. And the worst part? I dealt with them yesterday and I'll have to deal with them all over again tomorrow. What's your grievance today?
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in the bathroom

Poll #2039143 potty talk

When using a public bathroom, and you enter the bathroom while talking to someone else, do you continue the conversation while using the facilities?

I follow the other person's lead. If they continue, I do; if they don't, I don't.
Sure, why not?
Yes if standing, no if sitting.
Yes if peeing, no if pooping.
Yes, unless it's my period and I need to change my tampon.
I avoid using a public bathroom at all costs, so this doesn't happen.
Other (tell us more in the comments)