March 1st, 2016

The answer to life

How do you change your relay node?

I'm a slightly paranoid person. As such, I have different browsers for different activities.

Lately, I've found I cannot change my TOR address. Whenever I request a new identity, it comes up with the same IP address as the relay node receiving info directly from my computer. The "outer" most relay nodes change, but I can't stop my material being broadcast through this one relay node.

The node in question is located in the Netherlands. I have a name and an IP address, but no other info as to who runs it (there's not much transparency on the Dark Web)

I may or may not have searched "how to grow marijuana" yesterday. While I have no intention of breaking the laws of this country, I don't want my mum (or my boyfriend or the FBI) knowing my search history.

Could this be a corrupt node? How do I request a different one? FTR, I haven't been in the Green Zone in over four months, and its not paranoia if you really are being followed through cyberspace by evil spider cookies.