February 23rd, 2016


bar mops

So one year I bought a pack of 24 "bar mops" at Sam's Club. They're small, general purpose towels. I use them as dish towels, I scrub floors and bathrooms with them, I keep one in my gym/beach bag to wipe sweat when I'm on the elliptical, whatever. When they get dirty I wash them in the washer and dry them in the dryer. They pick up stains, sure, but they're not for show, they're just handy.

And then one day I was at the beach with my girlfriend, felt a sneeze coming on, grabbed a bar mop out of my bag, and blew my nose in it. My girlfriend felt that this is incompatible with using the same towel (after washing) to dry dishes.

1. Am I icky-gross?

2. Is my girlfriend overly squeamish?

3. Is this one of those gender divide things?

4. Should I tell her that I also use them to catch and/or clean up when I masturbate?


(no subject)

Tqc....tell me about your toilet paper...

Do you like the tougher kind, the softer kind, or the crappy cheapo kind?

This is brought to you by an argument I had with my sister earlier... she thinks it's weird that the boyfriend and I use 2 different kinds of tp...It'd probably be less weird if we had separat bathrooms in our apartment...but we don't.

And if you don't use tp...uh...what was the last movie you watched multiple times in theaters? 

So far the boyfriend and I have seen Deadpool twice...hed go see it again.  And probably will.