February 18th, 2016


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I am moving this weekend! I have a few friends helping me. I promised I would pay them in food and beer.

The beer part is easy. It's the food part I haven't figured out yet.
What types of yummies should I provide?

(preferably something easy and quick and doesn't require several trips to the grocery store)

Moving Out

So I am in the process of moving out of my apartment and into my boyfriend's house. I have my 60 day notice to my apartment manager already, but she says my lease isn't up until July.

When I originally moved in in 2014, the lease was just for a year. I failed to notice it also said the lease renewed automatically. However, the lease says I need to sign the paperwork reflecting this new lease, which I didn't do.

So, is the old lease still in affect until this year because of that clause in the original lease? Or can I get out of it because I never signed the new lease paperwork?

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Have you ever attended (or participated in) a donkey basketball game? My local paper covered one, and I had never heard of such a thing before. Maybe I just spent too much time living in the wrong states.


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Do you know of any movies that have an "introduction"? Like a miniature story arch that is relevant to the story, but is almost like a short film on it's own?

I know they exist but I can't think of an example!