February 17th, 2016

So my son has a deadbeat dad

He likes to show up and do a month of parenting. Christmas to the boys birthday a near perfect month later.
  So the question is as a mum is it better to totally block his meger efforts from now on? Its very annoying but i can just let him swan in and out if its what is best.
Aftet all my son expects to see his dad at these times. It has been a pattern for 3 years.


(no subject)

I'm not religious, I don't believe in God, I call myself an agnostic atheist, however being raised in a very religious household and having read the Left Behind series as a pre-teen have kind of ingrained things into me that make me sometimes question things even if my mind tells me these questions make no sense.  My thoughts lately are "what if Bernie Sanders is the antichrist?".   Is anyone else like this?

Note, I'm 28 and while I was able to vote in the last two elections, this one is the first one I've really paid more attention to.