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February 11th, 2016

(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2016|12:18 am]
The Question Club


are you good at figuring out when people are trolling online? do you respond to them in earnest?
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got gaming advice? [Feb. 11th, 2016|07:51 pm]
The Question Club


It was time to replace my desktop PC, and I decided to get one with serious gaming chops, and so I did. Next step: learning how to play games on it.

As a younger fellow, I played Wolfenstein and Doom under DOS, on a monochrome VGA monitor. I also played a lot of Tetris, which, in fact, I still play. But I let the whole Playstation/X Box/Wii thing go on without me, so I'm really a rank beginner. What should I play first?

My main requirement is that it start me off at a pure beginner level and guide me through learning the controls and figuring out what a modern game does (aside from doing it with really nifty animation). I also have the vague notion that I should be doing this through Steam, though I don't know how to approach that, really. Also, I blew all my budget buying hardware, so low-price is good. I don't have to focus on buying the newest iterations of anything, because I haven't played any of it before at any level (except Doom and Tetris). Old and creaky will probably knock my socks off.

(My keyboard has lots of metal plates and rivets on it. My mouse has buttons all over, including one under my thumb that I keep pressing by accident which throws me back to the previous page. The machine meets Oculus Rift requirements, but I don't expect I'll be buying the headgear any time soon.)

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When do you shower or bathe? [Feb. 11th, 2016|09:03 pm]
The Question Club


I am switching up my daily routine and have been showering at night this week. I find that it gives me more time to sleep in the morning and relax over coffee. What is your bathing routine? Do you shower in the morning or the night before? I used to totally be a morning shower person but now I am finding that showering at night is fine for me too.

I am just curious about what people do.

First post on the comm! I have been reading for a while now.
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