February 10th, 2016

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What the heck is a mauve lipstick?

Go ahead and yell at me for not using Google, but what does mauve lipstick look like? A friend of mine told me I'd look good in it and I want to try it but I have no idea what it looks like on women. Help?

Also, which brands make mauve lipstick? Which shades should I get? I prefer matte lipstick and to spend no more than $25.

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My new co workers are MESSY. The fridge at work looks awful and there are clean dishes stacked on the counter at work for days.

Should I post a "The fridge will be cleaned out the last Friday of the month and everything (including food containers) will be tossed" sign on it? I am not going to clean up but I want everyone to keep it tidy.

There used to be a sign like that but it has disappeared.

To clarify: I just returned from a mat leave that was a year long. While I was gone, they laid off most of my co workers, and another part of the company moved into our space. They are so so messy. They didn't move my workstation because it would cost too much to re route the computer network connections that we need ha ha ha

ETA: Someone else, not me, has posted a 2nd sign about keeping the sink clean. So I guess I don't have to participate, the kitchenette drama will unfold regardless