February 9th, 2016


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Have any of you seen any definitive cutoffs for the various generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, etc.)? I was born in 1981 and I have been told that I am a member of everything from Generation X to Generation Y to the Oregon Trail Generation to the MTV Generation and I am sick and freaking tired of having this generation identity crisis. I need definition in my life!
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What changes would you make to the school system where you live?
Do you believe homework should be given to kids of all ages?
Do you think homework is necessary at all or that it's a just a source of anxiety and stress that kids could do without?
What do you think your school system should learn from other countries?

Recipe help

Help me decide how to cook these chicken thighs, TQC! I'm feeling inspirationless today.

I try to stretch the pack as much as possible so some pieces I leave whole when I roast/bake and the rest I debone and chop. This is my regular rotation and I want to cook something new!:

Spicy chicken teriyaki & veggies stirfry
Chicken curry or tandoori
Baked chicken on bed of veggies & potatoes
White chicken and spinach lasagna
Roast mexican chicken with rice

What's your favorite chicken dishes? Recipes would be appreciated! TIA!
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Unenforceable rules

What unenforceable rules/signs have you seen? My favourite was a cafe I saw with a sign saying that anyone who consumes food or drink in there that wasn't purchased there would be subject to a £10 fine. As I understand it they're within their rights to ask people to leave and/or ban them but there's nothing they can do if someone refuses to pay the fine.
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Death and taxes

How do you prepare your taxes?

Jackson Hewitt
my CPA
Other tax preprarer
I do it myself
My dad/brother/sister/cousin does it
I live in a tree and don't have an income
Taxes? I have to file taxes?
I don't live in the USA
other in comments