February 8th, 2016


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I recently adopted a new cat and she's great and I love her, but she has a skin infection and is taking steriods for two weeks.

The problem is that this cat is a genius and she's terrible and I hate her. She sticks her tongue in her throat and makes it very hard to get the pill in. When (if) we do, she will fake swallow and spit it out when I let her mouth go. I've tried putting it in a chunk of fish in wet food and wrapping it in cheese and that worked for half a pill, but she caught on and now she carefully eats around the pill. She doesn't like any kind of cat treats and turned up her picky nose when the vet offered her a pill pocket.

The vet has offered to have a vet tech do it, but there's no schedule that works for us for the next week and a half. I commute an hour to work and my boyfriend takes public transportation to work so going to get the cat, taking her, and getting back to work is like an hour and a half jaunt for him and is not feasible.

We couldn't give the pill to her this morning, we gave up and agreed to try again tonight. Is there ANYTHING else we can try that google and the vet have not suggested?

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Do people actually wink in real life?

I keep reading books where people wink, but I can't think of one time where I've actually seen someone wink.