February 4th, 2016


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To those of you who observe Lent - what are you doing for it this year?
I will be giving up meat for Lent. Last year I didn't eat out during the 40 days.

To those who don't - how do your diets now compare to the diets you had as children? If you are vegetarian now, was your family? If you eat healthy now, did you eat healthy as a child?

Anime Help

I have the feeling I've seen the anime this still is from. Does anyone here recognize it?
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DK,DC: What's your reaction to the idea of Maple Bacon Gelato?

Could be interesting…
Could be interesting, but I really don't want porky ice cream
I've had it and it's good
I've had it and it's awful
I've had it and it's so-so
I couldn't eat it, so it's a moot point

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If someone you never met were to go into your living space, what assumptions do you think that person would make of you based on what's around?

Tonight, after making dinner, I wanted some mustard. I opened the fridge and there was none. That's when I realized that, because of the Asian market just down the street, I have more Asian sauces, ingredients, and condiments, than any other genre of food. It's like I have to have someone come over and westernize my kitchen. I wonder if someone rummaging through my fridge would think I was from south east Asia.