February 3rd, 2016

Slytherin Binny

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What does "tailgate" mean?

Hanging out in the parking lot before an event
Driving too close

What do you do if someone is driving too close to you?

Brake check
Ignore and drive as normal
Pull off and let them pass
Drive faster
Other (explain in comments)

This is my real life scenerio

Imagine that you are American, but you have been living for a few years in Mexico with your partner, who is Mexican, and his family. You have been encouraging one of your brothers-in-law, who you have noticed is super smart, to take an IQ test. Finally he does, and scores super ridiculously high. He has lived all his life here in Mexico, where he has been significantly limited by poverty, and where no one has helped him recognize or understand the full degree of his potential. Now he is 36 years old. He's had a so-so formal education, but he has also studied and developed himself intellectually and in question of wisdom, all on his own.

You know that this IQ score will open doors for him, in question of studying in schools and programs in other countries (which can offer him more than his own). To a great degree it will make economic hindrances irrelevant. What are some career paths that he might consider at this point in his life?

To give you context of the IQ test scale:
*approx 100 -- Normal, average
*120 -- Very intelligent
*approx 140 -- Genius begins
*160 -- Einstein's IQ
*200 -- High Genius begins: famous people who have made giant contributions to humanity fall in this range.

My brother-in-law scored: 203.


Do you have private bits of elevator etiquette? Do you get annoyed if other people seem not to share them?

Is there anything like official elevator etiquette?

By "elevator" I don't only mean within the actual lift, but also waiting for the elevator, navigating getting on/getting off, etc.
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cozy nest

I'm thinking of getting one of those nifty electrified mattress covers so the bed can be warm before I get in it, and possibly stay warm if it's a super cold night. Worth the investment? Will such a thing work well for a couple where one person sleeps hot and the other is usually shivering at night?