February 2nd, 2016

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Vinegar, corned beef, and birds?

Short form: 1) is there even any vinegar in corned beef bought at the meat counter? I don't have access to the label, but my googling indicates not. 2) were there vinegar in the recipe would that be a problem for birds? Best I can tell, not.

3) how in the hell am I ever going to survive my stepmother?

So my stepmother is ...trying. Very trying. At my father's request I bought some corned beef and cabbage the other day. Didn't cook it in the evening 'cause my stepmother doesn't like the cooking scent. Went to cook yesterday morning but couldn't find any of the proper pots. Borrowed a pot but didn't want to leave something on the range without me in the afternoon, so got up this morning to start cooking .... And found this note in the fridge instead of the corned beef package, with the excuse that boiling the beef could kill the birds that keep dad company.

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A quick google got me


...or I did find https://www.beautyofbirds.com/vinegar.html saying heated vinegar has killed birds. But the page seems to be an apple cider vinegar advert.

And http://www.thebirdschool.com/parrot-health/parrot-vinegar-scare-on-facebook-is-false-information/#.VrC_YWK9KSM says that the dishwasher thing is impossible, but that lots of vinegar in the air is indeed an irritant.

That all said, the package of corned beef is not full of vinegar! http://amazingribs.com/recipes/beef/home_made_corned_beef.html

Dad is actually even more annoyed than I am.

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Do you agree that wanting to be thanked for a gift, or to have a gift acknowledged, makes it not a gift?

The quote above is in response to a post asking what one should do when a gift card, loaded with a considerable amount of money, is sent in the mail along with a regular card but no response is ever received.

Even an email asking if the person got the card went unanswered, so the poster was thinking about simply not sending future gifts.

What would you do in such a case?
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