January 31st, 2016


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Do you know the muffin man?

Yeah, he lives on Drury Lane, right?
I'm more of a croissant fan, thank you very much
No, but if he has gluten free options, have him give me a call
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do you ever feel like if there's an exposed flat surface in your house, junk will just get piled up on it?

anyone have any good organizational strategies to maybe prevent this? I don't even know why we clear off the table, it can be full of papers, toys, projects and god knows what else in less than 24 hours.

overnight shifts

For those who work overnights, how do you light block your bedroom? On my husband's last overnight rotation, we just hung up some fleece blankets but it was not sufficient. I'm looking for a simple solution that isn't too expensive. Our windows have fat horizontal blinds currently. We'd prefer to not have to drill holes in the walls for curtain rods as we are in a rental home.

DK/DC: What have you planned to use your income tax return for?


I have noticed some people at my gym wearing hats while they work out, like a knit/fleece beanie or a backwards baseball hat. The gym is quite well heated, sometimes overheated. So why do they need hats indoors while they're working out?