January 25th, 2016


You are so dirty

Poll #2034558 Housekeeping!

How often do you change the sheets?

Every other day
I like to sleep in a soft cocoon of dead skin cells

At what point to you bid adieu to the sponge?

After it fell in the dirty corner of the kitchen floor
After it scrubbed something with raw meat/fish on it
When it's no longer the same color it was when you bought it
When it's falling apart
When there's mold/mildew growing on it
When you realize you can't remember how long you've been using it
After a designated period of time
I'm supposed to replace it?

Do you test your smoke detectors?

Yes, every week
Yes, every month
Yes, when I remember
Eff smoke detectors, I don't even have electricity

Random for you: If you could choose one major life event to revisit in time, which one would you pick?


HAi you all,
So, I just found out, termite infestation in my wooden shelves. The center of it was in twinnings un-openend tea leaves (refil one). Unfortunately, that is where we put plastic containers, un-used cutlery, small kitchen appliances (mixer/blender), dry food (sealed), teas, etc.
1. I plunged all of the content there with carbol+bleach (wipol or byclean), then washed with regular dish-soap. Throws all opened food and tissues away.
2. Coz it's early dawn, I panicked, sprayed w baygon, then only managed to spray (and flooded) the infestation with carbol.

My question: Regarding 1, Is it correct to just wash them like that? Is there anything else I need to do?

Regarding 2, Where I live, expert for cleaning termite infestation is expensive and we usually never use, (unless it's a company/big spender). We would use kerosene to terminate it and clean or throw the stuff away.
I'm waiting for it to be dried, then I can clean all those dead termite and nest and so forth.
Is it enough to flood them with carbol. Any advice?

ps. I dont know if carbol an English word or not, there's nothing but pine oil 2.5% in wipol bottle description part.
wedding, happiest day

Traveling to London

In March, my husband and I are taking my 13 year old daughter to London. (Some time ago, one of her friend's brothers got taken on a week-long overseas vacation for his 13th birthday, and I said, "Oh wow, that's a great idea! I'll do that for you and your brother when you each turn 13!" ... 13 seemed so far away then!)

Anyway, I'm trying to plan out our itinerary. We have tickets for the London Eye, the London Dungeon, Madame Tussaud's, and the aquarium (all as part of a package), so those are definitely on our list of sights to see. Obviously, we also want to see the Tower and the tower bridge, Big Ben, the Globe Theater and Buckingham Palace. We're also big Gordon Ramsay fans, and we'd like to eat at one of his restaurants.

What am I missing? I haven't been to London in 20 years. What tips can you give us to make our trip go smoothly? What should we see? What's overrated? Help!

nonprofits and pet peeves

1. Do you any of you work or have experience with nonprofit organizations? I got this idea after an internship when I was 20 that I wanted to run an NGO someday. Now, in addition with getting my master's degree, I'm throwing in a nonprofit management certificate. I hate it, and the classes bore me than any other classes I've taken. But it's not supposed to be fun, so should I just stick with it because it will help me with a career? Or should I save myself the suffering of the next 5 months and quit?

2. What is something that bothers you about your S/O that isn't necessarily a bad trait? For ex., I am really bothered that my S/O never reads...he plays video games whenever he has a free moment. I like video games too but I also like doing other things. Would this bother you if you were a book lover? Anything else bother you about your partners?